Docker for beginners

Nowadays there is a lot of talk around docker in the geek world, indeed, this technology is increasing and every day new companies are embrancing it. Docker became almost a required knowledge for developers and sysadmins.

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Reference Counting

I wrote this a lonnng time ago and now I have just translated it.

“Memory management? Why? Hardware is cheap, I won’t release the memory”. “I’m crazy life, I make popcorn without a lid and I don’t release the memory”. “Do you only release the memory to impress intern?”. If you think like that, you are like me and you can go watch The Big Bang Theory. But for those who are too square and like a safe life I will show a different solution.

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Coding with my wife

About two weeks ago Grazziella, my wife, started learning how to code in Python. I am still not sure about the real reasons for her starting on this crazy journey, however I believe it might have been curiosity. She has been hearing, almost daily, words like: bug, refactory, code, class, python, C, linux, among others, for about four years. She definitely is tired of those words flutuating in our humble flat. And, to get worst, most of the times that we see my friends the subject does not change.

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Python Tools

Two weeks ago my wife started learning more about software development, more precisely python language, so I decided to write this document to help her in this new journey. In the same time some co-workers of mine needed the same kind of explanation.

If you are looking for a simple tutorial about pip, virtualenv and easy_install tools, here is your place. Enjoy and try to not sleep while reading it. =)

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Go Pointers for Padawans

Hi my friend,

like you I’m also trying to learn more about Go language. I’ve always wanted to know more about it, but as usual I always had an excuse on the tip of my tongue to postpone this desire. Now I’m done. I found a good introduction book, An Introduction to Programming in Go, and I can read Effective Go online.

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