Nerd Curriculum

I’ve always been a good mood person, at least that’s what I think. However, every time I have to do an interview this good mood goes away and a boring anxiety takes over. I’m probably not the only one with these feelings.

I may have found a solution to reduce anxiety and break the ice during an interview process. I wrote my curriculum in code format. I don’t remember how I had the idea to do that, but it works.

I attended Silicon MilkAround (Job Conference) in London in the end of last year and I took with me my “Nerd Curriculum” written in C, Python and Go, which were basically the languages I wanted to work with. During the conference I made a lot of contacts and I handed over my curriculums in code format. Some developers asked me if my CV would “run” without erros. I answered yes, of course, I tested before printing them out, but I belive a segfault would be funny.

Now when I have an interview I always take with me my nerd CVs. Would you like to try? _o/.

$ pygmentize -f html -O "full,linenos=True" -o py-cv.html

Python: pdf | code

C: pdf | code

Go: pdf | code

JavaScript: code

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