A Pythonic Card Deck (Fluent Python)

This code example is from Fluent Python book. I’m just reading the whole book and sharing here the code.

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Hobbit Messing Around with Git

Hi handsome, my name is Paulo Leonardo Benatto (a.k.a hobbit, dwarf or whatever you want =) and I would like to share my little experience working with git in different teams. If you are reading this document maybe you want to share your experience as well.

As I said before, this document is my experience working with git when I used to live and work in the Shire and Bree (north west of Middle-earth). You shouldn’t take this post as a git reference, there are a lot of papers on the Internet explaining different git workflows and you should read them all.

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Nerd Curriculum

I’ve always been a good mood person, at least that’s what I think. However, every time I have to do an interview this good mood goes away and a boring anxiety takes over. I’m probably not the only one with these feelings.

I may have found a solution to reduce anxiety and break the ice during an interview process. I wrote my curriculum in code format. I don’t remember how I had the idea to do that, but it works.

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My nerd business card

Participating in nerd events about linux and development is something I enjoy. When I was living in Brazil I used to participate more frequently and I even gave a few talks with my friend Natel.

I went to a Gopher Conference in London this year, it was really interesting, much was spoken about Docker and of course go language. In the event I spoke with a few people, however I didn’t have a business card to give to them.

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Controlling your exports

Today is Friday and I shouldn’t be thinking about python or any other language. On the contrary, I should be drinking beers with my friends, eating barbecue and wait for my hangover in the next day, just like my brothers Nani and Cadi in Florianopolis/Brazil. But here in Brighton/UK is quite cold and it is difficult “to do a crazy life”. So, lets do something nice while they are getting fatter and fatter.

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